Behavioral Biases in Mutual fund Investments, fund performance and Investors ‘perceptions: A Systematic Literature review

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Nelson Mathew, Ramesh KP, Dr. R. Amudha , Dr. Jeyaseelan Clement Sudhahar, Sebin Joseph


This paper is designed in such way to understand different biases of behavior in mutual fund investment, individual investor’s pattern and perception of an Investor and various biases in the field of financial behavior. Various analyses regarding these studies has done in the field of mutual fund, equity market and various methods of investment adopted by the investors. The research articles are picked up on the basis of searching the key words relating to mutual fund investment, investors pattern and the various behavioral biases in investment decision on different published journals and published articles and books. The papers are collected from different years of publication ranging from 2001 to 2020. This paper focuses on different investment methods and their identification that is adopted by different biases along with investors and making decisions for investment. This paper helps reader to understand different behavioral biases of an investors in mutual fund, equity market, performance of funds of various fund houses and the perceptions of the investors.

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