Current applications of nanoparticles in preventive dentistry – A Literature review

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Dr. Jayashri Prabakar, Dr. Ganesh.J, Dr. Sushanthi.S


 Nanomaterials have significant and higher belongings such as higher area and nanoscale size which is superiorly higher and significant for quick diagnosis and advantageous in treatment of various diseases in the health sector. With the present available diagnostic methods  and accurate  methods so that many oral diseases can be treated at every starting stages.. Preventive dentistry is one among the most growing areas where nanotechnology shows its impact to improve people's dental needs which will improve the quality of life. The use of nanotechnology in curing oral diseases has discovered a huge interest. Its use has enlarged dentin hypersensitivity, root canal disinfection, and oral cancer to the most current use in tissue engineering and also in drug delivery applications. It aims not only to get control with a position which has a high degree of specificity and also to achieve the relevant physical and chemical properties. Mian significant finding of modern dentistry is to evaluate the diagnosis of any oral  diseases and prevent at early stage itself. Through various techniques and methods like fluoridation, sealants have been used in preventing dental caries yet no huge improvement has not been made in history for prevention of dental caries. This paper reviews the current applications of nanoparticles in the field of preventive dentistry.

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