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Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences
- Preliminary Observation of Mantis shrimp breeding success in captivity
- Preliminary evaluation of seaweed Ulva lactuca as supplemental diet for Sea Cucumber, Holothuria scabra in aquaculture
- Abundance of three coexisting Gastropod species (Cerithidea cingulata, Cerithium coralium and Batillaria zonalis) in the lagoon area of Setiu Wetlands, Terengganu, Malaysia
- The comparative growth and survival of juvenile tropical oyster (Magallana bilineata, Roding, 1798) using different intensive nursery systems
- Microplastic ingestion of Blood Cockles (Tegillarca granosa) in Kuala Juru, Pulau Pinang
- Amelioration of growth and hematological profile of silver barb (Barbonymus gonionotus) through dietary probiotic supplementation
- Single or combined effects of safegut and mannanoligosaccharide on growth performance, proximate composition and haematological parameters of walking catfish (Clarias batrachus, Linnaeus, 1758) juveniles
  - Aspects of biology of Atya gabonensis (Giebel, 1875) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Natantia) at the confluence of river Niger and Benue, Ganaja, Kogi State, Nigeria
  - White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) risk factors associated with managerial shrimp farming practices through expert opinion in monoculture farms in Iran
  - Epipsammic Diatom Fauna of Karabey Creek in Türkiye
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