Survey in Fisheries Sciences- Aims& Scopes

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The Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences, aims to publish all the latest and outstanding research articles, reviews and letters in all areas of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Each issue contains a series of timely, in-depth written articles by leaders in the field, covering a wide range of the integration of multidimensional challenges of research including integration issues of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences focuses on the articles in advances in key compound classes and research areas of techniques of—
Any novel approaches Fisheries and Aquaculture
All aspects of aquaculture
The biology, physiology, pathology and genetics of cultured fish, crustaceans, molluscs and plants, especially new species
Aquaculture Sciences
Bioengineering studies focusing on important aspects of the design and management
Biology and ecology of marine and freshwater organisms
Development of economically sound and sustainable production techniques
Disease and management
Environmental impacts of aquacultural operations
Fisheries for progressive development
Fluctuations in water quality within farms
Freshwater, brackish and marine environments
Improvement of quality and marketing of farmed products
Integration and application of improved scientific and engineering technologies
Marine economics
Marine genetics
Marine physiology
Marine toxicology
Nutrition, feeding and stocking practices
Research on the exploration, improvement and management of all cultured aquatic food resources, both floristic and faunistic
Sociological and societal impacts of aquaculture
The water quality of supply systems

Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences is an essential journal for all academic and industrial researchers who want expert knowledge on all major advances research areas in the Fisheries and Aquaculture.
The journal Survey in Fisheries Sciences aims to provide the most complete and reliable source of information on current developments in the field. The emphasis will be on publishing quality articles rapidly and openly available to researchers worldwide. All published articles will be deposited immediately upon publication in widely and internationally recognized open access repository. Moreover, it is providing the maximum exposure to the articles.
The journal will be essential reading for scientists and researchers who wish to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field. The publishers are confident of the journal’s rapid success.

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