Survey in Fisheries Sciences- Aims& Scopes

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The Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences began its activities in 2014. It has scientifically validated - Research from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The journal is published Three once year and it's editorial director, editor-in-chief and editorial board composed of researchers Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences and Associate professors with high-grade.

The main vision and mission of the Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences is to provide an active and interactive program for the researchers, universities, educational establishments and professionals for knowledge sharing and stimulation and dissemination of the latest researches in the field of scientific fisheries  /aquaculture (Health and diseases, Economic and social aspects of fisheries, Feed, Pollutant of the aquatic environments, Aquatic stock assessment, Limnology, Aquaculture, Biology, Genetics and Breeding, Biosystematics, Ecology, Fisheries economy, Aquaculture, Aquatic oceanology) and aquatic biology. Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences indexing in Web of Science and Crossref.

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