Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences (SFS) ISSN: 2368-7487, is published three times annually in February, June, and October. This is a scientific journal reporting on research in aquatic disciplines related to fisheries.
   Research papers on fisheries /aquaculture and fishery-related subjects will be considered for publication. All material submitted must be original and unpublished. Three categories of papers are considered for publication: “Original research,”, “Short communications,” and “Reviews.”
Topics of interest to the journal include new information on various animal and plant species related to fisheries and aquaculture.   Specific areas of interest include aquatic ecosystems, methods of propagation and culture of high value aquatic resources, pollution and its effect on the environment and aquatic species, nutrition, health and diseases of aquatic species, research on fish processing and production of new products, protection of recovering stocks and sustainable exploitation of living resources, and finally the economic and social aspects of fisheries.

All articles are Open Access and are immediately available online at no cost to read, distribute, and/or reuse.
Expert reviewers will evaluate the articles submitted to the journal.  While the objective of the peer review process is to ensure high quality science, peer reviewers do not make the final decision to accept or reject papers for publication. The decision-making authority rests solely with the journal editor and the journal’s editorial board. The journal decision-making process includes the following steps:

  1. Registration on the Journal’s website by the corresponding author and providing the full affiliation of all authors. Submission of the paper in proper format is required.
  2. After a paper is submitted to the journal, the Journal’s editor and/or a member of the editorial board will screen the manuscript and decide whether or not to send it for full peer review. At this stage the paper may also be returned to the author for reformatting or other corrections to meet the minimum requirements of the Journal.
  3. After clearing the initial screening up to three peer reviewers are allocated to review the manuscript. The editor or a member of the editorial board may also review the manuscript.
  4. The peer review is a double-blind process, which means that both the reviewers and authors identities are concealed throughout the review process.
  5. The Journal’s editor considers the peer reviewers’ reports, along with the evaluation form (completed by the reviewers), and makes a final decision as follows:

a. If at least two reviewers recommend to rejection, the editor may reject the paper at this stage.                 
 b. If at least one reviewer requests a major correction, the paper is sent back to the author to provide corrections and/or appropriate responses to the reviewer’s comments.
c. If any of the reviewers decline to review the paper, or do not send their response about the paper within the predefined period of time, then another reviewer will be assigned by the editor.
6. As soon as the corrected version of the paper along with the responses to the reviewers’ comments are submitted to the journal (normally within 2 weeks), they will be checked by the editor and sent to one of the reviewers for final consideration and recommendation.
7. Based on the full peer review process outlined above the final decision is made by the editorial board.
8. A formal letter of acceptance is issued by the Journal’s office for the accepted papers.
9. The papers are published in the journal based on a “first come, first served” policy.

Vol. 10 No. 3 (2023)

Published: 2023-09-02

Integration Of Business Processes Towards Industry 4.0 Through Agile Approaches

Percy De-La-Cruz-VDV, Enrique Chalco-Vila, Hugo Vega-Huerta, María Elizabeth Puelles Bulnes, Adegundo Cámara-Figueroa, Ernesto Cancho-Rodriguez, Gisella Luisa Elena Maquen-Niño


Interpolative Ciri´c-Reich-Rus-type contraction in G-Metric Spaces.

Youssef El Bekri, Mohamed Edraoui, Jamal Mouline, Abdelhafid Bassou


Dyslipidemia In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Saba Abbas, Irsa Tabasum Khan, Sheikh Junaid Ali, Warda Munir, Hafiz Khawar, Zeemal Seemab Amin, Hafiza Nida Shehzadi


Preparation of Solanum Virginianum (L.) And Acacia Nilotica (L.) Leaves Methanolic Extracts and Assessment of Their Anti-Inflammatory and Anti- Oxidant Potentials

Iraj Hameed, Abdur Rahman, Muhammad Umar, Fatima Tuz Zuhra Kamal, Mahnoor Alam, Maleeha Nisar, Tayyaba Bano, Nabeel Manshoor


An assessment of the existing organic shrimp culture practices in the southwest region of Bangladesh

Md Arifuzzaman Arif, Md. Iqramul Haque, Mizanur Rahman Washim, Mollah N.S. Mamun Siddiky, Md. Touhidul Islam, Nilufa Begum, Md. Harunor Rashid, Yahia Mahmud

Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices in Fisheries Industries: a Scenario from Bangladesh

Md. Momin Uddin, Brishti Rani Dey, Mrinmoy Fouzder, Md. Sazedul Hoque


Damage Assessment In Building Using Python And Deep Learning

K. Chaethra Sri, Smt. B. Ajitha M.Tech, (Ph.D)


The Assessment of Production Levels and the Algerian Fishing Fleet in the Western Mediterranean

Malika Gherram, Mohammed Rabahi, Ahmed Bensahla Talet, Samir Neggaz, Sidi Mohammed El Amine Abi Ayad


Fish production of Bangladesh, It’s Pattern & Impact on GDP

Sirajul Islam , Tawheed Nabi, Munni Akter Laboni, Farhana Ahammed

368 -373

Synergistic Effects of Nisin-Assisted Thermosonication on Quality Characteristics of Apple Juice

Nadir Ali, Javed Shoukat, Mahwish Tanveer, Muhammad Usman Shoukat, Tanveer Ahmad, Abdullah, Sajid Ali, Muskan Fatima


Prevalence Of Alp And Asp Genes In Aspergillus Fumigatus Isolated From Iraqi Patients

Zainab Kareem Salih, Assis Prof Dr. Abdul Basit Abdul Sammed Abdulla, Assistant Lecturer Israa Jabbar Shamkhi


Prevalence Of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo In Diabetic Patients

Qurat Ul In, Sadia Iftikhar, Khushboo Gulzar, Areej Mughal


Performance Of Okra Under Pulpwood-Based Multifunctional Agroforestry: A Study From The Sylvan Surroundings Of Western Ghats, India

Akshay F Madiwalar, K T Parthiban, S.Selvanayaki, I. Sekar, R. Jude Sudhagar, P S Devanand


Identification and Detection of Freshness in Edible Fishes using IoT and Machine Learning Techniques

Bharath Gowda R, J.V Alamelu, Varsha K, Shantala, Anjan Shetty R, Manjappa N


Development of Cheese Analogue using Olive Oil and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

Muhammad Zulqarnain, Muhammad Hamza, Muhammad Jahanzaib Mughal, Asif Meraj, Sania Tanveer, Shan Muzamail, Muhammad Mubeen Jamal Anwar, Ayesha Adil, Mubashir Mubben, Tanveer Ahmad


A Real-Time Precision Monitoring And Detection System For Rice Plant Diseases Using Machine Learning Approach

D. Mohan Rajesh, K. Bhuvanesh, Ch. V. S. Chakravarthi, Ch. Siva Gopi, Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain, Dr. M. Kameswara rao


In-Vivo Antifungal Activity Of Some Indian Medicinal Plants Extracts

Dubey Archana, Dongre Nirmal, Dubey Pawan Kumar


Dual Purpose of Domestic Waste-Water Reuse: Fish Production and Eutrophication abatement

Sharique A. Ali, Hanumantha M. Raju, Ayesha S. Ali, Gulafsha Kassab


Detection Of Biosal (Neem Formulaion®) By HPLC After 24 Hours Treatment In Callosobruchus Analis

Samina Arif, Dr. Shazia Nisar, Rakhshinda Khurram, Sadaf Tabbasum, Uzma Mehboob


Effect Of Sublethal Concentrations Of Phenol On Histopathological Profile Of Fish Ctenopharyngodon Idella (Valenciennes, 1844)

Muhammad Faisal Khalil, Zaigham Hasan, Tausif Nawaz, Nauman Khan, Mansoor Khalid, Sumaira Yasmeen, Muhammad Ilyas, Kifayat Ullah


Chelation Ion-Exchange Studies of Acrylamide and Furfural Copolymer Resin

Damini Surendra Shedmake, Jyotsna V. Khobragade, W. B. Gurnule


Study Of Soils Salinity In Arid Area: Case Of Ouargla (Algeria)

Myriam Marie El fergougui, Hind Benyamina, Djamel Boutoutaou, Samia bouzouaid, Hachem chaib


Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pelagicus) Fishery Status in Lianga Bay, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Antonio G. Gascon, Fabio C. Ruaza Jr., Bernardita G. Quevedo, Jaynos R. Cortes


Deep Learning-Based Classification of Rice Varieties: A Comprehensive Study

Simanta Hazra, Sunil Karforma, Abhishek Bandyopadhyay, Avishek Banerjee, Debasis Chakraborty


Role of Biopestcides and Biofertilizer in Sustainable Agriculture

Nabi Ullah, Tayyaba Bari, Adeel Ali, Hira fatima, Dr. Sumaira Salahuddin Lodhi, Asia Noureen, Iqra Munir

156 to 163

Factors Affecting Satisfaction of Participants in the 2nd Southern Goat Festival, Hatyai Thailand

Apinya Ratanachai, Ekkaphon Thongkaew, Saowanee Lekbangpong, Prajak Thepkun, Bhutharit Vittayaphattananurak Raksasiri, Terdpong.Viriyasombat, Korkiat Kheawpan


Assessment of Gut Microflora in Silkworm Fed on Mulberry Leaf treated with Spirulina mediated TiO2Nps.

V. Vasanth, K.A. Murugesh, M. Tilak, R. Aruna, P. Mohan Raj, S. Ranjith Kumar, E. Arasakumar


Comparing Public And Private Hospitals’ Service Quality

Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatia, Mrs. Dharna Sharma


Fatty Acid Profile And Growth Performance Of Nile Tilapia Under The Influence Of 20%, 40% And 60% Fish Meal Replacement With Black Soldier Fly Maggot Meal In Diet

Irsa Arshad, Abdul Mateen, Muhammad Ramzan, Zulekha Iqbal, Hajra Saddique, Rana Aafaq Ahmad, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Tahir


Screening and Identification of Bacteria and Fungus Present In Cow Dung

Longjam Olympia Devi, Praveen Kumar Gautam, Indu Sharma


TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System): A Updated Review

Rajesh Kumar, Richa Mishra, Manmeet Singh saluja


Green Synthesis of Spirulina Mediated Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Their Characterization

V. Vasanth, K.A. Murugesh, M. Tilak, R. Aruna, P. Mohan Raj, E. Arasakumar


Golden Threads of Tradition: The Endurance And Evolution of Muga Culture And Silk Weaving in Assam

P.R.Narzary, S.Manimegalai, R. Shanmugam, B. Vinothkumar, A. Suganthi, P. Radha


Formulation And Evaluation Of Red Clay-Polyherbal Face Pack

Devendra Elcha, Sunita Sonartiya, Ekta Yadav, Dr Ishan Dubey


Improvment Of Phaseolus Vulgaris Seed Germination With GA3 Under Salt Stress

Arous Ali, Mehdeb Djamil, Bouzid Assia, Ghomari Faiza Nawel, Lazali Mohammed


The Status Of Fish Diversity Of Dudhkoshi River Of Eastern Nepal

Om Hari Shrestha, Sudeep Thakuri, Dimitra Bobori, Daya Ram Bhusal


Frequency Of Neck Pain In Diabetic Patients

Umber Fatima, Farooq Islam, Mirza Muhammad Farooq, Khushboo Gulzar, Rukhsar Fatima


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