Small And Medium-Sized Businesses: Cloud Computing Acceptance And Readiness

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Rana Veer Samara Sihman Bharattej Rupavath


Over the course of ten years (2011-2021), this research employs a comprehensive literature review to analyse data collection methods, CC services, research theories and frameworks, publishing patterns and channels, regional spread, and key adoption determinants. The duration of this study is ten years. We searched six different databases and found 76 relevant articles.  The most often used techniques were PLS-SEM for quantitative data and interpretative interpretation for qualitative data.  More research has been done on general types of CC services than on specific types of business software. The number of publications has risen rapidly over the last decade, and most of them are flawed. In the business sector, no publication could compare to the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. The vast majority of research were carried out in Asia, and it was determined that cost reduction was the most important factor in continuing usage.  This study contributes to the field of CC research by delving further under the data analysis techniques that were utilised, the CC services that were researched, and other essential research subjects that are associated with the adoption of CC by SMEs. It also has the potential to aid future studies towards the adoption of CC.



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Rana Veer Samara Sihman Bharattej Rupavath

MS in Computer Science