Social Impact Of AI Technologies

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Mr. Suresh Kashinath Ghatge
Prof.(Dr.)Anuradha Parasar


AI or Artificial Intelligence is among the most transformative and effective technologies humans have ever
needed. From a price quote from Amazon or movie recommendation from Netflix to OCR and nonlinear
controls, AI took the world by storm and is transforming everything in a different way. To be specific, AI is a
concept which combines large datasets to solve queries as part of computer science. It is considered by some
experts as the technology to enable machines and computers to perform on their own. It is also considered as
a machine which replaces manual efforts to provide faster and more efficient results. Some consider it as a
system that can interpret data, learn from it, and use what it has learned accurately to accomplish specific
tasks and goals.
Issues faced by mankind in this day have been very complex, which require coordinated, large-scale activities
across the countries and across different NGOs and government organizations. Artificial Intelligence can
solve some of the most challenging social issues in the world. Hence, this study is aimed to discuss some of
the social benefits of AI technologies, risks and ethical and governance concerns of AI in this day and age.

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Mr. Suresh Kashinath Ghatge

Ph.D. Research Scholar, Liberal Arts(Sociology), MIT WPU Pune(Maharashtra),India

Prof.(Dr.)Anuradha Parasar

Professor of Liberal Education Galgotia University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India