A Comparative Study Of Tensile Forces For Two Types Of Posts (Diamond Burs, Fiber Posts) (An In Vitro Study)

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Rahaf Yousef
Aziz Abdullah


Research target: This study compares the tensile forces for two types of posts (diamond burs, fiber posts).
Materials and methods: (40) Single canal mandibular premolars, similar in shape, size, and length, were collected, after
cutting the crowns above the (CEJ) by 1 mm and preparing them to receive the posts, the teeth were divided into two
groups, each group contains (20) teeth, The teeth of the first group were restored using diamond burs, and the teeth of the
second group were restored using fiber reinforced posts.
Then, the tensile forces were examined through a tensile strength test to measure the strength of the posts' attachment with
the root dentin using a mechanical testing device, and statistical analyzes were performed.
Results: The group that was restored using diamond burs recorded higher tensile strength than the group of posts
reinforced with fiber, The arithmetic average of the tensile forces in the group of diamond burs was (567.1 N), while the
arithmetic average of the tensile forces in the group of fiber-reinforced posts was (530.8 N).
Conclusions: Diamond burs (mineral diamond root posts) (Abdullah's wedge) are better than fiber-reinforced posts in
bonding to the root when using double-hardening resin cement.

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Rahaf Yousef

MSc Student in Endodontic and Restorative Dentistry Department - faculty of dentistry - Tishreen university - Lattakia Syria 

Aziz Abdullah

Ass Prof in Endodontic and Restorative Dentistry Department - Faculty of dentistry_ Tishreen university_ Lattakia Syria