Arithmetic Water Quality Index of the Euphrates River in Al-Musyiab/Babil province-Iraq

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Noor Ali Hashim
S.Al Fatlawi


The study was carried out in Euphrates/Al-Musayyib River. Water samples were collected for testing the physical, chemical once every month from Euphrates/Al-Musayyib River. The analysis was done for six months (July 2020 to Decembers 2020) from three sites during the dry and wet seasons. These samples have been chosen from three stations to help in understanding the variability of water quality due to seasonal differences. Wet and dry weather have been analyzed to better determine the river pollution rates. Thirteen parameters with their limits were considered in the present work according to the standard specifications, collected and analyzed from physical and chemical parameters (pH, DO, EC, TDS, NO3, PO4, SO4, Mg, Na, Ca, K, TH, and TUR) were chosen parameter using water quality indices (WQI).  The results from Water Quality Index show that water quality was unsuitable


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