Empowering The Teenage Girls’ Purchasing Behaviour Through Cosmetic Advertisements

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Advertising is the key for building, creating and sustaining brands. Advertisements play a major role in persuading, informing and reminding both potential and existing customers towards making a purchase decision. It plays a vital role in shaping dreams and aspirations and helps customer take conscious product and brand decisions. Advertisements with endorsements create easy remembrance for the customers for the advertised brand or product as the customers associate the brand with the celebrity and can easily register the brand. Measuring the influence of Advertisement in Consumer Brand Preference is very essential for every marketer. If advertisement does not create any positive change in consumers’ brand preference, all the resources such as money, time and efforts spent on advertisement will go in vain. Advertising also helps in creating Top of the Mind Awareness of a brand and aims at facilitating brand recall. The present study focuses on the assessment of the impact of advertisement on purchase of youth with reference to consumer goods. This research aims to find out the Role and Impact of Cosmetic Advertisements in Empowering the rural girl’s purchasing pattern. Data have been collected from 110 girls in Kovilpatti. The results indicate that to make the things clear in term of awareness and interest, television advertisement play really big.

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Guide and Supervisor, Head & Associate Professor (Rtd.), Department of Commerce, G. Venkataswamy Naidu College, Kovilpatti, (Affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli)


REG.NO. -18222055271004, Ph.D Research Scholar (Part time), PG Research Department of Commerce, G. Venkataswamy Naidu College, Kovilpatti, Affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli