Pre-Donation And Post-Donation Deferral Of Whole Blood Donors In Khmbhat Taluka, Anand, Gujarat, India

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Ms. Ankita Bhatiya


Background: Blood transfusion is an indispensable component of health care. In current medical and surgical practice, a blood transfusion can be a vital, life-saving procedure. Donor selection is necessary in addition to the screenings of blood bags for infectious diseases. Hence the proper pre-screening of the blood donors is essential to ensure quality of donors. However, deferrals lead to loss of precious blood/components available for transfusion.


Aims:  To evaluate the chances of pre-donation and post- donation deferral of whole blood donors.


Material and method: Data of Whole Blood Donors (WBD) Of Lions Voluntary Blood Bank, Khambhat, from August-2010 to July-2021 were  analyzed retrospectively. National Guideline was  used for selection and deferral of WBD.


Result: A total of 7721 participants were studies out of that 4278(55.40%) voluntary donors and 3443(44.49%) replacement donors. Out of 7721,Pre-donation deferral of WBD was7461(96.63%) were selected and 260(3.37%) were differed before blood donation. Total 7387 male donors 7149(96.78%) were selected and 238(3.22%) male donors were differed. Total 334 female donors 312(93.41%) were selected and 22(6.59%) female donors were differed. Out of total 260 pre-donation deferral of blood donors from August-2010 to July2021 236(90.77%) blood donors were temporary pre-donation deferred and24(9.23%) blood donors were permanent pre-donation deferred. Out of total 236 temporary pre-donation deferral from August-2010 to July-2021 215(91.10%) males were temporary pre-donation deferral and 21(08.90%) females were temporary pre-donation deferral. From August -2010 to July-2021, 23 males were permanent Pre-Donation Deferral and 01 females was permanent Pre-Donation Deferral. Out of total 143 post-donation deferral of blood donors from August2010 to July-2021 98(68.53%) blood donors were temporary post-donation deferred and

45(31.46%) blood donors were permanent post-donation deferred. From August-2010 to July2021 98 temporary post-donation deferral were occur, all 98 were male. From August-2010 to  July-2021,45 Permanent post-donation deferral were occur, out of which 43 were male and 02 were female. 


Conclusion: Ratio of male donors was far higher than  female donors. Maximum cases of temporary pre-donation deferral were observed due to low hemoglobin value which demands to increase the public awareness about anemia and its prevention and treatment, which ultimately increase blood donor pool. Maximum cases of permanent pre-donation deferral were observed due to high B.P. which indicate overall health status of community and need the counselling about hypertension, cardiac problem and other risks related to it.

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Ms. Ankita Bhatiya

Assistant Professor, Smt. L. P. Patel Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology Bhaikaka University, Karamsad, Anand