Common Avifaunal Diversity of Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary, Bardhaman, West Bengal

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Arun Kumar Singh
Munshi Salma Nasreen


Avifauna are found in a difference of habitats and causation various acts. They are extremely sensorial to even small anxiety in the ecosystem. The study was carried out to analyse the diversity and status of avifauna in Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary, Bardhaman, West Bengal, from January 2021 to December 2021. Distance sampling methods were used to collected data when was appropriate. A total of 60 species of birds belong to 29 families. Of these, species 28 were Omnivorous, 11were Carnivorous and 21 species were Herbivorous. According to the Carnivorous and Herbivorous classification of species, 8 were Insectivorous, 3 species were Nectivorous, 7 species were Granivorous, and 11 species were Frugivores. According to IUCN, 2 were Vulnerable, 2 were Near Threatened, 1 was Critically Endangered and 55 were Least Concern category. Metallic noise, electrical sound, and tree cutting for increasing zoo areas are reported. Its proper management will improve not only its residential species but also attracts more migratory species in future.

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Arun Kumar Singh

Department of Zoology, Jaipur National University, Jaipur- 302017, Rajasthan, India

Munshi Salma Nasreen

Department of Zoology, J. S. University, Shikohabad- 205135, Uttar Pradesh, India