Understanding Purchase Intention of Eco-Fashion Products Through A Consumption Value Perception-Based View: A Study Of Fashion Industry In Thailand

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Chaimaa Ed-daoui
Phanasan Kohsuwan


This research aims to reveal key elements of the perceived consumption values that impact on the consumers’ purchase intention of green clothing products. Additionally, this study empirically explores the effects of environmental attitude, consumer innovativeness, policies incentives on the perceived consumption values represented by functional value, conditional value, emotional value, social value, and epistemic value. The research conducted a survey (N=400) in Bangkok that where was distributed and (N=396) were valid. The responses from consumers of eco-fashion products were analyzed using Structural Equation Modelling. The findings reveal that knowledge perceptions, promotion and consumers’ emotions are the predominant predictors of the behavioral purchase intention of green clothing products, while promotion is influenced by environmental attitude. Additionally, the emotional value is influenced by policy incentives. Functional value and conditional value also impact on consumer innovativeness. The implications of these findings could be applied to marketing campaign of eco-fashion products by promoting eco-friendly awareness together with monetary incentives in order to trigger consumers’ purchase intention and raise customer loyalty.

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Chaimaa Ed-daoui

International College, Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Nonthaburi,11120, Thailand.

Phanasan Kohsuwan

International College, Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Bang-Talat Pakkred, Nonthaburi,11120, Thailand.