Monitoring water quality of Prishtevka River based on microbiological parameters

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Fetoshi O
Shala Abazi A
Bytyći P
Hyseni A
Ramshaj Q


Prishtevka River Basin in the upper part is characterized by hilly - mountain terrain, while the side stretched towards the city of Pristina to the estuary of Sitnica River is characterized by field terrain. 1.5% of the catchment area is situated at an altitude above 1000 m, 33.9% from 1000 m to 800 m, 20.1% from 800 m to 700 m, 25.2% from 700 m to 600 m, and 19, 2% at an altitude below 600 m. Prishtevka River forms a partly deep ravine in the upper flow. The middle part of the Prishtavka River (down Makovc settlement) to Emshir is covered (into a concrete canal). The lower part of the river from Emshiri to its discharge into the river Sitnica delineates the field area.
Prishtevka River water is facing relatively high contamination by wastewater discharged without prior treatment. Water in the river upstream is mainly good quality, while the pollution in its middle and lower flow exceeds the permitted requirements based on microbiological parameters.

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