Emotional Intelligence Among Students Of Secondary And Higher Secondary School

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Amarishbhai R. Shah


We experience a daily reality such that is changing quicker than at any other time and confronting unrivaled difficulties. In the ongoing serious circumstance where understudies are supposed to play out various jobs with execution and viability, understanding their right position and enthusiastic knowledge towards the concealed intricacies of life and quality education is profoundly required. The proposed New Approach on Instruction predominantly centers around working on the nature of schooling that can be delivered by making the understudies sincerely keen. Profound information assists in carrying with bettering accomplishment of understudies and deal them abilities for their own and proficient lives. The current review meant to know the ability to understand individuals on a profound level among optional and higher optional school understudies. It additionally planned to actually look at the ability to appreciate people at their core regarding level of training and orientation. The example comprised complete 120 understudies out of which 60 were from optional school understudies (30 boys students and 30 girls students) and 60 from higher auxiliary school understudies (30 boys students and 30 girls students). The information was gathered from Ahmedabad City. The information was scored, broke down according to the manual. ‘F’ test was being calculated. The result showed that, 1. There is no significant difference between the mean score of emotional intelligence among the secondary and higher secondary school students, 2. The girls school
students’ group have higher level of emotional intelligence compare to boys school students group and 3. The secondary girls school students group have higher level of emotional intelligence compare to secondary boys school students group.

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Amarishbhai R. Shah

Assistant Professor, Shri V. R. Patel College of Commerce, Mehsana – 384002 (North Gujarat)