The Role Of Financial Institutions In Promoting Saving And Investment: A Comparative Study Of Developed And Developing Economies

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Uddipta Nayan Medhi
Dr. Homeswar Goswami


This paper conducts a comparative analysis of the role of financial institutions in promoting savings and investment in developed (e.g., United States) and developing (e.g., India) economies. It explores how financial institutions in these economies mobilize savings, provide investment finance, enhance financial sector efficiency, and impact economic growth. The findings highlight differences in savings mobilization, investment finance, and financial sector efficiency between developed and developing economies. It also underscores the importance of financial development as a driver of long-term economic growth in developing countries, provided appropriate reforms are implemented

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Uddipta Nayan Medhi

Research Scholar, Assam Down town University

Dr. Homeswar Goswami

Professor, Department of Commerce and Management