Three New Farm Reform Bills 2020 And It’s Impact On Farmers

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Mante Sakachep
Bikranta Paul


It is known that Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economy. Right from the time of independence , policies related to farmers and the state of our agriculture economy have been farmed . Indian agriculture is plagued by multi-faceted problems. Not all farmers are prosperous. The study also focus on how Small and marginal farmers are facing many challenges in India. There is a need for scientific approach, agricultural inputs, credit facility, information access, market for agricultural products, export opportunities and futures trading facility for farmers to enjoy higher rural income and better quality of life. The study focus on brings the conceptual understanding central government policy on agriculture development to give a new direction and places for farmers markets. The study also prevail the other side of scenario of farmers agitation which create from the new farm bill policy. These bills will affect not only the farmers but every individual of the country in one way or the other. The study also covers the various circumstances related to the farm policy reform. However, the government maintains these laws to be beneficial to the agriculture sector and farmers. Bills passed by the parliaments free the farmers from such calamities. This bill will gives impetus to efforts to double the income of farmers and ensure greater prosperity for the farmers. 

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