New Record Aquatic Species of Genus Pseudocypretta Klie,1932 (Ostracoda: Cyprididae ) From Iraq

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Hanan Zwair


Pseudocypretta Klie, 1932 is one of the few species that spread in aquatic environments; for the first time the genus Pseudocypretta was recorded from Iraq. The samples were collected in August 2004, Al -Hindiyah, Karbala Governorate (32°32'43.18"N, 44°13'24.97"E). Pseudocypretta maculata Klie, 1932, was recorded for the first time from Iraq. Some taxonomic characteristics were relied upon, such as carapace with reticulate ornamentation and six spots on each side, right carapace different from the left, and some hairs on the basal segment of the First Antenna, dorsal margin of respiratory plate of the Maxilla with one seta.

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