Study Of The Effect Of Annealing Time On Cuo/Nio P-Type MSM Photodetector Prepared By A Thermal Vacuum Evaporation Method.

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N.K. Hassan
Abdul Kareem Dahash Ali


Abstract. copper oxide/nickel oxide (CuO/NiO) thin films deposited on glass substrates by
Physical vapor deposition (PVD)Technique and then annealed at 360°C for different annealing
times (one hour, one and half hours, and two hours. The effects of the annealing time on the
structural, optical, and electrical properties of the CuO/NiO thin films were studied. X-ray
diffraction suggests that a Monoclinic and cubic structure with a strong (1 1 1) and (2 2 0) for
each of CuO and NiO respectively preferred orientation which remained the same with different
heat treatments. and the crystallite size increases with increasing annealing times, it is found that
with the increase of different time treatments, The optical absorption spectra showed that
increasing annealing time, The absorption peak continues to decrease with increasing annealing
time to become 0.74 with a slight shift towards the shorter wavelength Absorbance. the band gap
of about 2.90 eV at 1 h and 1.5 h has 2.86 eV. For 2 h annealed films, the optical band gap
continues to decrease close to 2.74 eV. Our results showed that the photo response properties of
the photodetectors are strongly dependent on the surface-to-volume ratio. The annealing time
enhanced photodetection performance, high sensitivity, and shortened rise times We showed that
photodetectors annealed for two hours have a faster response than the other.

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University of Tikrit, Iraq

N.K. Hassan

University of Tikrit, Iraq