A Study on VALS for Determining Consumer to Buy at Lifestyle Showrooms

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M. Syed Mushathik, Dr. T. Ramkumar



Although the barter system is often cited as the earliest example of retail trade, the very nature of retailing and buying has shifted dramatically over the years, both from the vendors' and consumers' points of view. Almost everyone in a developed society enjoys going "shopping," which is defined as the act of perusing a store's wares in search of those that meet one's needs while immersed in a thrilling environment that features just the right mix of products to pique one's curiosity. In his book "Why we buy: The science of shopping," retail anthropologist Wesley, Scarlett. (2002) calls the act of purchasing "retail therapy" because consumers engage in it for both practical and pleasure reasons. Developers used to entice shoppers to shopping malls by promising them a broad variety of retailers and goods. A "shopping centre," as Chyuan (2009) correctly pointed out, is just a revamped version of a traditional marketplace. The mall is a conglomeration of unrelated businesses, including shops, restaurants, and a parking garage, all of which share a common concept, design, and maintenance team. Moreover, he argues in his thesis that, in the contemporary age, shopping malls have become popular destinations for social gatherings, weekend family outings, and other types of outings.


This study aims to find out the relationship and A Study on VALS for determining consumer to buy at Lifestyle Showrooms in Chennai. For that purpose, the independent variables are VALS and its sub variables are Innovators, Thinkers, Believers, Achievers, Strivers, Experiencers, Makers, Survivors and Dependent variables are determining consumer to buy and its sub variables are Social, Design, Ambience, Merchandise. This study is descriptive in nature and the data will be collected by using questionnaire by 378 Life Showroom Customers in Chennai. For Correlation and Regression analysis will be Customers to conduct the analysis in this study. From the findings of this research we concluded there is a positive relationship and significant influence towards the VALS on determining consumer to buy at Lifestyle Showrooms in Chennai.


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M. Syed Mushathik, Dr. T. Ramkumar