Water Quality Analysis of Hebbal Lake, Bangalore, Karnataka, India for the Survival of Fishes

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Water is crucial for the life of fish which support all their needs including breathing, eating, growing and reproducing. The configuration of lake water changes frequently, ciphering on meteorological and repetitive changes. It is required good management so that fishes can be survived in Lake Water. If the water is polluted then fishes cannot be survived. This investigation is associated with the analysis of Physico-chemical parameters of Hebbal lake water such as potential of Hydrogen(pH), Total Dissolved solids(TDS), Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD), Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD), Total Suspended solids(TSS), Chloride(Cl), Fluoride(Fl), Dissolved Oxygen(DO) and Free Carbon Dioxide(CO2). After investigation it is cleared that the lake water is not suitable for survival of fishes. Hence Precautionary measurement should be maintained so that the lake water will be suitable for the life of fishes and other species which inhabits in lake water.

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Research and Development Cell, AMET University, Kanathur, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India