Child Abuse

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Dr. Saritha Golla, Dr. Neeti Mittal, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Dr Rashi Singh


Despite the high frequency and incidence of CA, the specific number of instances is unclear, and there are no standardized reporting or diagnostic procedures for such situations, making the issue of child abuse difficult to handle. All countries and social spheres are affected by the social problem of child abuse, which goes generally unreported. The most frequent type of trauma in situations of abuse of infants and young children is orofacial trauma. Since cases of child abuse (CA) include the head and neck region, (traumatisms of the mouth, head, and face) dental professionals are in a dominant position for identifying and diagnosing the physical and emotional symptoms of CA and reporting it to the proper authorities The present case reports such a case of child abuse identification in dental set-up.

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