Nanotechnology in Orthodontics: A Detailed Review

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Shreyash Gupta, Rajiv Ahluwalia, Parvinder Kaur Bindra, Tina Chugh


Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating matter at the molecular and atomic levels, as well as studying matter at the nanoscale level to detect and exploit the useful properties that result from these dimensions; materials with components smaller than 100 nm in at least one dimension are referred to as nanomaterials. Nanotechnology is used in many fields, including medicine (nanomedicine) and dentistry (nano-dentistry). The goal of these innovations and research in this field is to improve human life and health. This article aims to summarise and describe the most recent and well-known nanotechnology innovations in the field of orthodontics and the use of new nanomaterials in the fabrication.

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