Intruded tooth: To treat or not to treat- A case report

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Dr. Aruna Nautiyal, Dr. Neeti Mittal, Dr. Kajal


Traumatic dental injuries that cause orofacial trauma and result in fractures, displaced, or lost teeth are common in children and young adults. The child's physical, mental, and functional well-being can all be seriously harmed by these. Due to the possibility of causing damage to the periodontal ligament, pulp, and alveolar bone, intrusive luxation of teeth is regarded as one of the most severe forms of dental trauma. It causes axial impacts on the maxillary and mandibular teeth. This article presents a case report of a traumatic intrusive tooth and its subsequent spontaneous eruption.


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Dr. Aruna Nautiyal, Dr. Neeti Mittal, Dr. Kajal