The field of forensic radiology

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Dr Ashok Sharma, Dr Sumit Ghosh, Dr Parnita, Dr Ayushman


In the field of forensic science, imaging techniques are a very useful tool. Although medical examiners and forensic anthropologists are not as well-versed as radiologists in the more nuanced aspects of radiology, they are nonetheless necessary to interpret findings from imaging studies in order to enhance medico-legal investigations. The forensic investigator should frequently seek the assistance of the radiologist, whose knowledge and experience may prove to be invaluable in the course of forensic consultations. Because various legal issues may require the radiographs for additional interpretation or for their presentation in court, the radiologist should be aware of the importance of storing radiographs over prolonged periods of time as well as of efficient record keeping methods. This is because various legal problems may require the radiographs. In this study, we take a look at some of the most significant challenges that may crop up when working in forensic radiology.


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Dr Ashok Sharma, Dr Sumit Ghosh, Dr Parnita, Dr Ayushman