Perspectives Of Regional Agriculture, Cropping Pattern and Combination Region with Special Reference to Malda District, West Bengal

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Intekhab Alam, Dr. Suruchi Pachori


Agricultural region means an area of similar farming which may be contiguous or may comprise several separate tracts of country. Cropping pattern is defined as the spatial representation of crops rotations, or as the list of crops that are being produced in an area and their sequence in time. Crop combination refers to the aggregate of various crops grown/cultivated in an area at a given point of time. Crop combination is the analysis of the total percentage acreage area occupied by different crops in a given region in an agricultural year. In this article, perspectives of regional agriculture, cropping pattern and combination region with special reference to Malda district, West Bengal has been discussed.



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Intekhab Alam, Dr. Suruchi Pachori