Lossless Routing Protocol Pertaining to Heterogeneous Wireless Sensors Network

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Sandhya Ahire
Dr Pramod Sharma
Mrs.Vineeta Philip
Mrs Harshada Magar
Mrs. Archana Ubale


Low power issues in wireless sensor networks and power source restrictions need maintaining energy issues. Lessening the energy consumption of sensor networks is a common goal of many investigations. In addition, it increases network scalability and lifespan. Routing protocols should be built to adapt to diverse wireless sensor networks' features. With master, advance, and normal nodes, this research proposes a novel LEACH-Dependent clusters strategy for heterogeneous wireless sensors networks In order to address heterogeneity, LEACH (MAN-LEACH) has been redesigned. With HUMAN-LEACH, head of Cluster are chosen based on remaining energy of every node in network with its normal energy. Nodes' probability of becoming Head of cluster depend on their remaining energy. To transport packets across the network, MAN-LEACH offered three levels of energy amplification: low, medium, high. With MAN-LEACH, you get the best lifespan, average residual energy rate, and packet transfer rate compared to the other two protocols LEACH and MOD-LEACH.

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