Artificial Intelligence that Learns Fish Behavior Might Improve Fishing Gear

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Shweta Saraswat, Shefali Sharma, Nootan Verma, Shashi Sharma, Monica Lamba


Researchers have used monitoring devices to examine fish behavior in the vicinity of fishing gear. Deep learning algorithms allow marine scientists to quickly analyze massive amounts of image data (AI) documenting fish behavior. New artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can identify and classify fish species with near-human precision, but reliable techniques for observing fish in their natural habitats, particularly tropical species, are still lacking. Interactions between fish and fishing gear are extremely uncommon, especially for temperate species. As part of this study, we looked at how advanced fish monitoring, categorization, and behavior recognition systems powered by AI may improve the selection of fishing equipment. It analyzes the progress of AI as well as the opportunities and constraints it faces in order to comply with fishing regulations and sustainable goals. This discovery has the potential to transform the fishing industry for the benefit of fishers, the environment, and the economy.

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