The Concept and Methodology of Environmental Communication Strategies in UNESCO Global Geoparks to Support Sustainable Development Goals

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Ade Kadarisman*, Iriana Bakti, Herliana Agustin, Henny Sri Mulyani


This study intends to examine the concept and methodology of  environmental communication strategies in the UNESCO Global Geopark to support Sustainable Development Goals. The environmental communication concept is focused and balanced between geological heritage conservation activities, and the welfare of the local community. Thus, in the conservation program, the Geopark concept protects geological heritage sites and encourages biodiversity and cultural heritage that must be preserved in an integrated manner. However, in practice, environmental conservation aspects are often neglected because they cannot compete with the economic aspects that develop along with the increase in tourist visits. This situation invites the concerns of a group of people who care about environmental sustainability. This condition needs  environmental communication strategies, especially to support Sustainable Development Goals. The method used in this research is qualitative with a case study approach. In conclusion, this study provides a valuable contribution to the literature on environmental communication strategies and sustainable development in UNESCO Global Geoparks, by highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with these strategies and methodologies.


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