A systematic Method for Questionnaire Design: Sense of Security

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Hamed Najafpour, Hasanuddin Bin Lamit, Vahid Bigdeli Rad


The significance of sense of security among residents of urban neighborhoods has been the critical issue to improve quality of people’s life there. Moreover, there have been several researches with the focus on developing methods considering sense of security evaluation between the inhabitants of urban neighborhoods. The first aim of this research was to provide a method to design sense of security measurement instrument and second was to develop a survey questionnaire examining sense of security in urban neighborhoods. As result, not only the research’s contribution to body of urban neighborhoods’ knowledge is revealed but also the it can benefit the urban developer as measurement tool due sense of security evaluation in urban neighborhoods.



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Hamed Najafpour, Hasanuddin Bin Lamit, Vahid Bigdeli Rad