Assessment Telafer University Students Knowledge about Vitamin D Deficiency

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Asst. Lecturer Ali Ismael Sulaiman


As it is known that nutrition plays a crucial role in entire human body and determining general health. Scientific studies shows that most deaths in entire world caused by malnutrition. Vitamin D is one of the has a great impact on the human health because it is involved in bone and teeth building. A descriptive cross-sectional study was performed in in Telafer City to measure the knowledge of Telafer University students about vitamin D deficiency, the sample of study was consisting of (200) students selected from Telafer University distributed as (100) students from the College of Nursing and (100) students from the College of Basic Education for the period from 1st February, 2023 to 1st May, 2023. A special questionnaire tool was constructed by the researchers to collect data which consists of two portions: Part (I): Demographic Characteristics of the students and Part (II): Questionnaire Sheet includes information related to assessing students' knowledge of vitamin D deficiency. The study showed that the High percentage 78.5% of the total sample are at age (< 25) and majority of the participants in this study lacked in knowledge about vitamin D. The study recommends conducting additional studies for knowledge about vitamin D deficiency as well as developing educational program curriculum to include knowledge about vitamin D.

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