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Akanksha Sonawane, Shouriehebal Soni


Dehydration is a common phenomenon observed in females, especially during the menstrual cycle, a monthly occurrence. Hormonal fluctuations and significant loss of blood and other factors, cause M.S.P.M.S. (premenstrual symptoms). The severity of discomfort observed by females during the menstrual phase is primarily caused by dehydration which females ignore. Ideally, the female body tends to produce sufficient fluids during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle to compensate for the loss of fluids during the menstrual period. However, if a woman doesn't consume adequate water, her body may not be able to make up for the loss. This leads to dehydration and further health problems. The current study attempted to understand the impact and awareness of dehydration during the menstrual cycle. The study included two parts: Part 1 was a case study observing and monitoring 80 females from a varied age group of 15-45 years for three months, which further divides into control and experimental, the study included questions about the female's dietary intake and menstruation-related factors. The present research indicated that women suffer from severe dehydration during the menstrual cycle, especially during the bleeding phase, due to low water consumption and are unaware of the same. The second part of the study involved a general survey circulated among males and females irrespective of age groups. It can be concluded that males are unaware of the symptoms that females undergo during menstruation and are also ignorant about the signs of dehydration. Similarly, it was found that women undergo dehydration but are unmindful of the same. The present study will help create awareness about dehydration so that appropriate measures can be carried out.


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Akanksha Sonawane, Shouriehebal Soni