Study of Meiofaunal Biodiversity on Suruchi Beach, Palghar, District, Maharashtra, India

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Deepanjali Sharma, Yashvi Mewada, Vitthal Mohite


Bassein beach or commonly called as Suruchi beach which is located on western coast of Vasai, Maharashtra, India shows a variety of habitat. This study deals with the survey of meiofauna observed at Suruchi beach. Suruchi beach has rich biodiversity due to different habitat and complex food chain. Biodiversity of nematodes, tardigrades at suruchi beach was assessed in the study and we observed sea-shells such as Foraminiferon shells and Ostracods shells. We observed variety of foraminiferon shells they are environmental indicators as foraminiferon responds quickly to small environmental changes. Ostracods shells are found in both marine and freshwater environment. We observed less population of tardigrades as tardigrades can survive in both polluted and non-polluted area. Tardigrades are important pollution indicators. Anthropogenic activities such as boat paintings, fishing, recreational activities, boat repairing etc. are observed at these beaches. Booming agricultural activities performed by tribal communities are disturbing the original habitat at Suruchi beach. Present study indicates that Suruchi beach is less polluted and shows healthy biodiversity of meiofauna.




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Deepanjali Sharma, Yashvi Mewada, Vitthal Mohite