Ex- situ conservation of scorpion species occur in the Maharashtra state.

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Dr. Chandrashekhar Pawar, Dr. S.S. Patil, Dr. Mrunali N.Gharge


       Scorpions (Order- Scorpionida ) are the most venomous arachnids inflicting an extremely painful sting, although all are not fatal to human beings. Due to unscientific management of natural resources much of our native flora and fauna are fast disappearing and there is urgent need to restore our lost habitats to conserve biodiversity. Scorpion like all animals, need appropriate habitat to live in, where they can find food, avoid enemies, and reproduce under suitable conditions. When suitable habitat destroyed and reduced through human activities by logging, construction or agriculture, the inconspicuous invertebrates’ area uprooted and more noticeable mammalians and birds’ companions. Ex-situ conservation means literally “Off site Conservation”. The perspective plan for conserving the some of scorpion species of degraded habitats has been discussed in this research paper.



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Dr. Chandrashekhar Pawar, Dr. S.S. Patil, Dr. Mrunali N.Gharge