Evaluation of Some Morphological Characteristics of Several Genotypes of Capsicum Plant (Capsicum annuum L.) in northwestern Syria

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Dr. Rida DRAIE


For protect biodiversity and preserve local genetic types, the research was carried out to evaluate some morphological traits of several locally types from Capsicum annuum Plant (Qarn-Aljamous, Qarn-Alghazal, Haskuria, Long-Mutabasha, Short-Mutabasha, Safrania, and Harimia) of Idlib Governorate in northwestern Syria for the agricultural season 2022. The morphological characterization was carried out by applying 20 qualitative characterizations that included the characteristics of plants, flowers, fruits and seeds. The distinctive qualitative morphological characteristics were the nature of the flower growth, the shape of the fruit, the appearance or absence of the base of the fruit, and the wavy cross-section of the fruit.

Morphological characterization results of the studied types, based on some morphological characteristics, showed that there is a difference between these types, especially in the character of the nature of flower growth and fruit traits. The results of the cluster analysis also showed that the studied models were distributed into two groups: the first included (Long-Mutabasha, Short-Mutabasha, Safrania, and Qarn-Aljamous) and the second included (Qarn-Alghazal, Haskuria, and Harmia

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