Analysis of the hydrological characteristics of the basins of Sharbazir district, east of Sulaymaniyah province, using CN-SCS method

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Researcher. Abbas. F. Hassan Muhammed
Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdulsalam. M. Mail


The research relied on the method (CN-SCS), which is one of the important methods used to estimate water harvesting, which was developed by the Soil Conservation Department of the United States Department of Agriculture (Soil Conservation Service (Service) in 1970 AD, Its famous formula was developed in 1986 AD. The (SCS) method is a set of mathematical equations that depend on its inputs to provide information on land covers and patterns of their use, soil hydrology, type of vegetation cover, and amounts of rainfall to know the characteristics of runoff and the possibility of water harvesting in the Sharbazir district, By knowing and analyzing the description of the land cover and knowing the types of hydrological soils in the region and determining the prior condition of soil moisture, and after completing these three elements, the values of CN were obtained, which expresses the extent of soil permeability, and the coefficient that expresses the maximum ability of the soil to retain water, and the coefficient (LA ) which shows the amount of rainwater lost before the start of surface runoff and the coefficients (Q) and (QV) Which expresses the depth and quantity of surface runoff volume in the district.

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