Comparative study on the growth and feed utilization of Labeo rohita fed with different concentrations of Solanum betaceum cav. and Garcinia gummi-gutta (L.) roxb

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Rosmin M.T.
Preethi S., Nisha C.
Dr. Pawlin Vasanthi Joseph


Indian fisheries and aquaculture are significant areas of food production, providing nutritious security to the food bin, increasing farming fares, and attracting approximately fourteen million people in various fields. This study aimed to determine the impact of dietary tamarillo (S. betaceum) and malabar tamarind (G. gummi-gutta) on the growth performance of L. rohita. The fish were fed with a control diet and test diets enhanced with S. betaceum and G. gummi-gutta at 5, 10, and 20 g/100g feed for 40 days. Fish growth were evaluated in terms of weight gain, specific growth rate and food utilization ratio. All of the growth indices were significantly higher in treatments where the fish were fed with 20 g tamarillo and 10 g malabar tamarind integrated diet. When compared to the control group, enhancement of fish appetite was notably seen in groups treated with dietary inclusion of S. betaceum and G. gummi-gutta, and could be recommended as a safe growth promoter for improving fish growth and production.

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