A Critical Review on Mooshika Dansha[Rat Poisoning] in Agad Tantra

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Dr. Deepika Bhandari


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine having eight important branches. Agadtantra is among one
of them which deals with Visha (poison) and its toxicological conditions and their management. Acharya
Susruta in Kalpa Sthana of Susruta Samhita, and Acharya Vagbhata in Uttaratantra of Ashtanga Hridaya,
moreover in other classics and regional texts have recited concerning the origin of Visha and mooshika
There are eighteen types of Mooshika, signs and symptoms of their bite and its treatment is described by
Sushrutaacharya and Vaagbhataacharya. There are five modes of spread of Mooshika (rat) VISHA that are
Shukra[Semen], Purisha[Feaces], Mutra[Urine],Nakh [scratches by nails] and Dant[ bites with teeth of
Mooshika] are poisonous. In case of Mooshika Visha, Dansha sthan [bite site] should be cauterized and
Raktamokshana by blood letting should be done. After this various drugs paste should be applied on bite site.
Various putrifictory therapies should be givene.g.Lepan, Vamana(Vomiting), Virechana(Purgation) Nasya
(Nasalmedication), Anjana (Collyrium) etc. Various Kalpanas [drug preparations] like Sanskarit Ghrita
[medicatedghee], Kwath [decoctions], Kalka[paste of drugs], Swarasa [juice of drugs] aremetionedwhere
source of infection is rat treatment of Mooshika Visha can be given.

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Dr. Deepika Bhandari

Associate Professor, Smt. Urmila Devi, Ayurvedic College of Medical Scienes & Hospital, V.P.O
Kharkan, Una Road, Hoshiarpur, Department of Agad Tantra Evum Vayavhara Ayurveda Evum
Vidhivaidyaka, (Department of Medical Jurisprudence & Toxicology)