Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Liability Determination in the Modern Police System with Special Reference to its Application in Combating Fishery-Related Crimes in India

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Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh


Police play a pivotal role in various ways to determine criminal liability in any given system of law.
Police, policing, criminal liability, and criminal justice delivery system in general have witnessed
rapid change in the 21st Century, especially due to globalization and the unprecedented growth of
scientific and technological developments which in turn needs the adoption of modern technologies
and tools to deal and regulate the same otherwise the very purpose of police and policing will be
defeated as it will become out-dated to deal with the modern crimes and criminals. The fisheries
sector in India faces significant challenges due to rampant illegal practices, including illegal fishing,
overfishing, and the trading of endangered species. These activities not only deplete marine
resources but also have severe economic and environmental consequences. Traditional monitoring
and enforcement methods have proven to be inadequate in curbing such offenses. This paper strives
to highlight two significant aspects viz., a. latest policies, initiatives, and practices adopted by
various major governments around the world related to artificial intelligence to improve the nuances
in fixing criminal liability in the criminal justice delivery system, in general, b. the significant role
of artificial intelligence in combating fishery-related offenses and crimes in India, in particular.
Along with that, this paper seeks to put forward suggestions to avoid the existing lacunas and for
best practices to be adopted by Indian law enforcement agencies in detecting, preventing, and
investigating various crimes including fishery-related crimes. This paper also encourages further

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Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh

LL.M. (Gold Medalist) is currently a Ph.D. Scholar in Law at Assam University, Silchar (a Central