Biostatistical And Physiological Analysis Of Leaf Area Index Of Eleusine Coracana Under Stress

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Sonali Santosh Kadam


Leaf area index is an important parameter which determines the yield of the crop. The crop responses
variedly to physical stress at the regional scale due to the complexity, diversity of crop characteristics
and farmers ‘management practices along with the difficulties in quantifying those agronomic
management practices at reasonable temporal and spatial scales. There was significant decrease in the
values of LAI under extreme salt stress condition indicating total reduction in area due to salt stress.
The increased level in LAI in Eleusine coracana crop plants may probably be due to induction of
tolerance to presowing salt treatment. Rise in the level of LAI under 2 days water stress condition is
quite significant indicating better adaptive conditions under moderate water stress in Eleusine

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Sonali Santosh Kadam

R. P. Gogate And R. V. Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India