Histological And Histochemical Study Of Laying Female Genital System In Peacock "Pavo Cristatus"

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Hanaa Kareem Ali Alshammary
Shaker Mahmoud Mirhish


The present study was conducted with focus detailed on the histological and histochemical architecture of the
oviduct in laying peahen because such research, yet not to be done. Peahen's oviduct included six regions,
each composed histologically of four tunicae and lined by pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium.
Infundibulum consists of two parts: funnel with wide fimbriae and neck part. Funnel had low primary
mucosal folds branched into secondary ones, while neck showed short primary folds branched into secondary
and tertiary ones. Magnum characterized by the widest and largest unbranched primary folds with leaf-like
appearance. Isthmus' folds weren't broad as the magnum; they're smaller, narrower, branching into primary,
secondary and tertiary folds containing lots of deepest invaginations. Uterine folds were the most branching
bearing secondary, tertiary and quadruple folds; its wall was thicker than magnum and isthmus because
muscularis thicker than them with three layers: inner circular, middle oblique and outer longitudinal. Uterovaginal junction: appeared as small recess between uterus and the cranial part of vagina and open inside the
uterine cavity and slightly elevated than its lumen. This area possessed its own type of folds because it
showed abrupt alteration of folds from uterine type into a special vaginal type called utero-vaginal which
differs from the both because it's lamina propria contain epithelial crypts which termed sperm storage tubules
(SST). Vaginal mucosa possessed folds represent continuation to the junction region at the beginning then
become shorter near cloaca.

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Hanaa Kareem Ali Alshammary

Department of Anatomy, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq,

Shaker Mahmoud Mirhish

Department of Anatomy, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq