Effectiveness Of Emotional Training Program On Emotional Intelligence Among Bsc Nursing Students Of Selected Colleges At Mangalore

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Ms. Pooja Asokan
Ms Divyashree
Ms. Manila Laveena D’souza


Background: Human beings are a complex species of emotions and reason. Emotional intelligence is the capacity or
ability to recognize, differentiate feelings, excitement, emotions and their coordination and management in self and in
others. Emotion play an important role in developing a human personality and, EI is something that varies from person
to person and also according to the age.
Aim of the study: to assess the effectiveness of emotional intelligence training program on emotional intelligence
among B.Sc. Nursing students in selected colleges at Mangalore.
Materials and methods: Pre experimental one group pre test post test design was selected.
Setting: New Mangala College of Nursing, Mangalore.
Sample and Sampling technique: : 60 nursing students were selected using convenient random sampling technique.
Tools of data collection: I: socio demographic data; II - Trait emotional intelligence questionnaires TEIQue-SF .
Results: The mean posttest emotional intelligence score (173.6+- 23.12) was higher than the mean pretest emotional
intelligence score (107.18+_ 21.03). The computed t value (t59 = 1.68) was higher than the table value (t59 = 1.68 ) at
0.05 level of significance , thereby accepting the research hypothesis.
Conclusion: From the above results, it was inferred that the post test emotional intelligence score of nursing students
was higher than the pretest emotional intelligence score, thereby indicating planned teaching program is an effective
tool in improving the emotional intelligence among students.
Recommendation: An experimental study can be conducted with control group for effective comparison. A similar
study can be carried out using other teaching strategies like information booklet, role play,SIM,

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Ms. Pooja Asokan

Associate professor,(child health nursing) , New Mangala College of Nursing, vidyanagar, Pedamale PO, Neermarga-575029

Ms Divyashree

Associate professor, (Mental Health Nursing),New Mangala College of Nursing, vidyanagar, Pedamale PO,
Neermarga- 575029 

Ms. Manila Laveena D’souza

Lecturer,(Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing),New Mangala College of Nursing, vidyanagar, Pedamale PO, Neermarga- 575029