Employment Nature Of The Gujjar Community In Punjab

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Jobanjit Singh
Dr. Manu Sharma


Punjab state has been sheltering several communities in its lap for centuries. Each people on the earth needs his livelihood to survive in life for that he wants to have some employment job to earn some money. Like other communities, the Gujar community still practice the hereditary profession of cattle breeding. In this modern age, where humans aspire to set foot on the moon, the Gujar have followed the primitive occupation The purpose of this research paper is to discuss their employability qualities by investigating the advantages and disadvantages of employing Gujar. How will their employment affect their nomadic life? There are 81 Gujar families in Punjab. This study focuses on 50 Gujari families living in the most populated villages of the Gujar community in the Punjab District, Punjab, and examines the contemporary employment characteristics of Gujar. Barriers faced by the community in the field of their employment will also be examined in this research work. 

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Jobanjit Singh

Research Scholar, Department of History, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab

Dr. Manu Sharma

Professor, Department of History, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab