Higher Education System in India: Emerging Issues and Prospects

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Izazul Hoque


Education is one of the significant factors instrumental to the development of a country. It should be transformed to the needs of the time and changing scenario of the world. It provides an opportunity to critically reflect upon the social, economic, cultural, moral and spiritual issues facing humanity.  India needs more efficient and educated people to drive our economy forward. There are many Indian around the corner who known for their capabilities and skills. To develop India as an education hub or to become a prosperous partner in global economy, India has to qualitatively strengthen education in general and higher education with research and development in particular. This paper is mainly focused on the overall performance of higher education system in India.  We try to find out the initiatives taken by the government to raise level of education system. This paper aims to identify emerging issues and challenges in the field of Higher Education in India. Finally the paper concludes here is need of plans requires solutions that combine, employers and youth need of expectations of from various stakeholders Students, Industry, Educational Institutions, Parents and Government.


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Izazul Hoque

M.A. in Education (Gauhati University), B.Ed.(Tezpur University), NE-SLET