Length-weight relationships, condition factor and morphometric characteristics of ten Spirlin (Alburnoides Jeitteles, 1861) species from Iranian inland waters

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Eagderi S., Poorbagher H.


The length-weight relationships, condition factor and morphometrics of 10 species of the genus Alburnoides are provided from Iranian inland water. The a values ranged from 0.0037 (Alburnoides damghani) to 0.0128 (Alburnoides namaki), the values ranged from 2.87 (A. namaki) to 3.50 (A. damghani) and the coefficient of variation (r2) ranged from 0.90 (Alburnoides samii) to 0.99 (A. namaki). Of these, Alburnoides coadiA. damghani and Alburnoides eichwaldii show positive allometric growth while all the others are isometric growth. Mean condition factors (K) varied from 0.84 (Alburnoides holciki) to 1.37 (Alburnoides idignensis).

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