Significance Of Studying The Low Conviction Rate And Its Implications In Increasing Rate Of Dowry Deaths In India

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Dr. Keval Govardhan Ukey
Mr.Sanjay Kumar Shivram Singh


  1. Brief overview of dowry system in India

Marriage is a religious rite and a legally recognized partnership between a man and a woman. But are all marriages protected by the rule of law? Most weddings are forbidden since they lead to dowry and complicate the relationship.  A small group can get a lot done "under the table, behind the eyes of the law" at times. It was impossible for anyone to even acquire a small taste. Thus, legal authorities have no effect.


However, we are well into the twenty-first century, and dowry practices do not appear to have decreased or been eliminated altogether. Many individuals are aware of the seriousness of the crime of dowry exchange. And yet, they persist in repeating the same error. But if you keep trying, it's no longer an accident; it's a serious crime for which you'll likely face severe consequences. The dowry system in India refers to the practice where the bride's family is expected to provide significant financial or material gifts to the groom's family at the time of marriage. While dowry has historical and cultural roots, it has evolved into a system of demands and expectations that can lead to various forms of exploitation and abuse.[i]

Dowry-related crimes in India encompass a range of offenses, including dowry harassment, dowry deaths, and domestic violence. Dowry harassment involves the mistreatment or harassment of the bride by her husband or in-laws for not meeting dowry demands. Dowry deaths, also known as "bride burning" or "dowry murders," occur when a woman is killed or driven to suicide by her husband or in-laws due to their dissatisfaction with the dowry.


Dowry-related crimes in India are a significant social issue that has been prevalent for many years. Dowry is a traditional practice in which the bride's family provides gifts, goods, or money to the groom's family as a condition of marriage. However, in many cases, this practice has taken an exploitative turn, leading to various forms of abuse, violence, and even death of women.


[i] Dowry, A Social Evil, Article published on Legal Services India website online available at dated 10/06/2023

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