Production Of Hyaluronic Acid By Streptococcus Equi Subsp Equi (MK156140) - Pilot Scale

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Ashwini K
Savitha J


Hyaluronic acid (HA), is a mucopolysacharide produced from microbial fermentation has raised interest in medical and cosmetic industries due to its various promising biological functions. The present study reports the production of hyaluronic acid by S.equi subsp equi with of hyaluronic acid by S.equi subsp equi with optimized medium components and physical parameters such as beef extract, 12.15%, and yeast extract 7.64%, pH 7.0, agitation speed 180 rpm, pressure 0.5 kg /cm2, aeration 2.0 vvm and incubation time for about 24 – 26 hours at 350C temperature employed in the 5L fermentor. The yield in laboratory scale (500ml) is compared with that of pilot scale.

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