Significance Of Studying The Low Conviction Rate And Its Implications In Increasing Rate Of Dowry Deaths In India

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Dr. Keval Govardhan Ukey
Mr.Sanjay Kumar Shivram Singh


Marriage is a religious rite and a legally recognized partnership between a man and a woman. But are all marriages
protected by the rule of law? Most weddings are forbidden since they lead to dowry and complicate the relationship. A
small group can get a lot done "under the table, behind the eyes of the law" at times. It was impossible for anyone to even acquire a small taste. Thus, legal authorities have no effect.

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Dr. Keval Govardhan Ukey

Associate Professor, School of Law, Sandip University, Nashik

Mr.Sanjay Kumar Shivram Singh

Ph.D. Research Scholar, School of Law, Sandip University, Nashik