The Evolution of Arbitration in India: Insights from Judicial Case Analysis and SIAC Report 2021

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Navneet Kaur
Garima Narula


This research paper investigates the case analysis of judgments handed down by the Indian judiciary, with a specific focus on the efforts made to rectify lacunae in the arbitration system. Additionally, the paper incorporates an analysis of the SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre) report, highlighting India's increasing adoption of arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism. By examining the judicial judgments, this study aims to understand the measures taken by the Indian judiciary to address gaps and strengthen the arbitration system. Furthermore, the analysis of the SIAC report offers insights into India's progress in embracing arbitration as an effective means of resolving disputes. The combination of case analysis and SIAC report analysis lends an enhanced understanding of India’s evolving arbitration landscape and its commitment to involving the overall efficacy of the system.

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Navneet Kaur

Assistant Professor, Sant Baba Bhag Singh University, Jalandhar, Punjab, India, Orchid Id: 0009-0009-3271-9304, 

Garima Narula

School of Law, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab, India, Orchid Id: 0009-0002-8100-4240